Creative Arts & Church

There are many outlets for creativity in a worshipful setting.
Christians believing themselves to be created in Gods image have an unfathomable scope of inspiration in that very act, because if we are created in the image of a creator it is our most natural instinct to create for ourselves.
This is something to be embraced by the Church, but with solemn purpose. The fact that we enter into the creative arts realm subjects us as witnesses of God, to the scrutiny of that sector and our output is therefore judged fairly or unfairly as our committment to our faith.
If, as a church, you want to explore this topic more fully – please get in touch.
Perhaps you want to encourage the writers among you?
Maybe you want to make your musical worship more engaging or even more relevant to your congregation.
Just remember you don’t have to face it alone, and consider booking Ben for seminars/workshops in developing creative arts in the Church.

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