A Future For Creative Partnerships?

It seems to me that creative partnerships sprang up across the UK in a whirlwind of inspiration and sudden, brief funding from Europe. As a result, many schools got quite excited about the opportunities for really engaging lessons, while some were not even aware that the program existed. Now that the centralised funding has dried up, do creative partnerships still have legs?
As a creative and a peripatetic myself, I would like to hopefully propose that they do. The idea is still sound and potentially very exciting. While there is little in the way of dedicated funding, the hiring of a session tutor or two for all of one day a week (or even less!) to supplement elements of the curriculum that could really use a boost, or to tie together different curriculum strands is not a massive ask of admittedly tight school budgets.
I for one believe, and this may not come as a particular shock to anyone familiar with my output, that music can profoundly enhance literacy for one simple reason: everybody listens to music. It is constant, it is emotive and there is no escaping it whether you like it or not, especially if it is catchy. Now imagine that something catchy or something emotive has something of value to say and you instantly engage with students that would otherwise pay no attention to any of the words you use. Now you have their attention, get them to reciprocate and they feel good about something they are doing at school. Once you get that far it is a much simpler matter to explain to them how this came from their literacy skills, and you have built a bridge that can potentially engage students in a much more meaningful way to a curriculum that they often feel is largely irrelevant to them.
I have more thoughts on specific creative partnership ideas to come, but I thought it worthwhile introducing the topic. I would love to get some feedback from other practitioners, schools and other agencies so please feel free to leave a comment here, or get in touch via the contact page.

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