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To co-write lyrics in the Elizabethan/Shakespearean style of English in order to establish core concepts about the project. Also, to create consistently branded social media content and accompanying stories that supplement the bands’ mythology.


The lyrics are a great selling point for the band that often stimulate conversation. Without the overt styling we have adopted, it seems unlikely that the brand would endure much scrutiny.

In times long since forgat
A band of bawdy bards did sing
And growl at all who pass’d to hear
Of Warriors & Kings!

Live dialogue sample


An early decision to adopt Elizabethan rather than Middle English proved to be a smart one. The language is more florid, which is good for creativity and less obtuse for listeners who might already struggle with the vocal style.

Dark is the morn, and icy wind curleth
Cold fingers around lythen-borne steel
Each fuller inscrib’d: to defend, to defeat
While warmeth the hilt to his feel.
Draweth a sileth, foregatherers gaze, fawn onto thy knees knightly knave.
Drawn with ease, and in the rising sun glinting,
The kingdom as one as Excalibur’s raised!

Lyric Sample from One To Defend, One To Defeat

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