Climb by Cirque du Soleil

I love the musical output of Cirque du Soleil as much as the theatrics and the dramatic performances they are known for.

This piece is ‘Climb’ from the show ‘Ka’ and is currently one of the remote audition pieces you can expect to come up against if you would like to work for the company.

  • Signal chain: Dingwall ABii HS, M-Audio USB interface, Reaper
  • FX (these are all kept to a minimum, it already sounds great at source): EQ, Multiband Compression, Distortion (separate channel)
  • Video: Sony Vegas from shots taken on my phone and compact camera.

I don’t tend to request shares or subscriptions to my media, I figure that anyone reading this will know how it all works, but I do appreciate the love.
The reason that I bring it up today is that this video highlights my need for a nice neutral backdrop that will make things look more professional. With that in mind, if anyone would like to sponsor my videos, please feel free to give drop me a line!

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