Show Reel

Presentation of Services as a Session Musician


To create a cohesive piece of media that can be presented at industry standards as audition/promotional material.


I have produced a selection of highlights with more to follow in due course. Distribution via YouTube guarantees easy access for the end user.

Edited Highlights of Recent Performances


Without deadlines and tangible results to work for, it can be hard to maintain motivation on large pet projects like this. More frustrating are the choices one has to make to reduce the amount of work (not to mention computing resources) involved in the project to something manageable. I feel that choosing to serialise this was the right decision, but I hope to get another completed soon to add some contrast.
That having been said, I’m proud of this work & think it represents me well.
The music is challenging but engaging and incredibly fun to play
This has been acknowledged as successful audition material by an international touring company who are yet to have a cast opening.


  • Dingwall Bass Guitars
  • Newtone Strings
  • Reaper DAW
  • Sony Vegas Pro 10.0 Video Editor
  • Panasonic compact videocamera


You can keep up with my musical output via my YouTube Channel. Feedback is very welcome & this additional way of connecting with audiences is actually thrilling.

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