Welcome Week Task


Visit a local cultural attraction, find out about it & prepare a presentation of roughly five minutes to report back to the other students.

Our presentation video for the script below.


Welcome to Nottingham Contemporary!

This modern art gallery, built on one of the oldest sites in Nottingham is a great example of the charm that can be achieved by combining the old with the new.
The current exhibition is about Bauhaus – the art movement, not the electro band, although they do make an appearance alongside other artists who were similarly affected by their ideas.

The principles of the Bauhaus style are minimalism & function. They believed that art should not be separated from our daily lives but rather an integral part of it, leading to the exploration of design fundamentals: colour, shape, sound and function in creative ways that incorporated art into life, but also drew aesthetic qualities from functional things as banal as a pile of tires.

The concept of making art an immersive part of life translated naturally into the Bauhaus’ forward-thinking teaching style, which they brought to the UK when they fled the Nazi regime in Germany. This makes the exhibition a particularly significant one for Nottingham Contemporary in particular, because they place a strong emphasis on moving away from stuffy formal exhibitions in favour of engaging and interactive displays, which they couple with community & education programs that take place in their multi-function spaces.

Apart from being immersed in some of the aesthetic ideals, the Bauhaus exhibition gave us the opportunity to explore colour, shape & light for ourselves.

In the UK, the Bauhaus ideas were quickly adopted by the avant-garde movement, many of whom took to deconstructing contemporary technology and aesthetic ideals to create new expressions with the materials that were available to them. The impact of this movement can be seen in architecture, fashion & even popular culture to this day.

Exploring more of the creative and interactive space on offer at Nottingham Contemporary, Gallery Zero is a particularly striking room; home to ‘Notts Zine Library’ which features magazines and other self-produced and self-published work by local creatives. Some of these are professionally produced, while others are made by hand with a DIY attitude that is actively encouraged by Nottingham Contemporary and the wider arts movements in the area. The relaxed environment, well-lit with plenty of comfortable seating which makes it easy to engage with the work on display and by extension, the artists who created it.


This video, and the script that accompanied it came together really well in the 3 days given to complete the task.

We spent an afternoon gathering images & speaking to the staff, following an evening of research. Each member of the team* contributing ideas for shots, building a narrative view of the exhibition & our reactions to it.

*Nick & Kendra were exceptional especially given that we lost 2 members of our team immediately.

Exploring performative space with recorded material.
An interactive introduction to the physical learning style of Bauhaus