Orientation Exercises

Across a scale-up session and subsequent seminar we were asked to perform a number of ice-breaker tasks:

  • Organise ourselves as a group geographically around a room, then into a line from North to South.
  • To make a timeline of significant events including each member of our table.
  • To find a different person for a number of written categories with whom we had something in common.

Our group timeline was more fun on the right-hand side of the page!

Some of these had an abundance of choices while other aspects of my tastes are quite niche. This led to some fun, fast conversations like “What sport do you like? / None / Me too!”


These tasks and the request for our reflection on them were not simply a set of corporate cliches, but were actually designed to get us thinking about our peers in a wide variety of contexts.
During my pre-term reading I enjoyed the insight Matt & Georgia offer into identifying types of team member. I intend to return to that particular text upon my next reflection to consider what traits I have been able to observe in my classmates and therefore potential collaborators. As we are a team in its infancy I will try to avoid making any drastic conclusions, but I think some obvious talents are beginning to emerge in certain areas.

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