Portable Sound Recording

The Brief:

In this first brief you will be collecting sounds as part of a team.

  • Each team should be 2 students with one recorder kit.
  • Each member of the team should have a go at all roles.
  • All members of the team should have a copy of all sounds for their library collection by the end of the session.
  • Recorders should be returned to the room 15mins before the end of the session.
  • You should have 20 recordings by the end of the session but additional recordings can be made with other devices or duplicates can be made for comparison. (e.g. your phone or own device)

Spot Recordings

Finding things to record for their sound cultivates a new perspective on how to observe the world.

Ambient Recordings

These are harder to be discerning about without a specific purpose in mind.


The time restraint placed on the first session was somewhat restricting when even working as a pair slowed down decision making, but overall the exercise opened new ways of thinking about my environment. Clearly the shotgun mic we were provided with has a range of applications, but it I would expect to add a larger condenser and omni-directional mics to my kit to do this regularly.

After sourcing all of the recordings, I used the recording log to identify each sound, renaming the files and sorting them into directories for ambient and spot recordings as presented above (I have kept both wav & mp3 files).

As this task has coincided with a video task that has more recently invited the use of Foley, some of these sounds can be used creatively for other purposes which I believe is the line of thinking the tasks intended us to explore. My recording of a stack of magazines being rifled, for example, proved an ideal Foley effect for the rustle of a crisp packet with a little EQ.

Overall this was a helpful introduction into the use of sound and its relationship to image, which is sometimes surprisingly disparate. I have begun creating my own sound library & will continue to build upon it.

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