Summary Reflections

Sound has been an important part of my life for a long time as a music aficionado and semi-professional musician. This experience meant that I embarked on this course with a measure of expertise in the use of DAW software & audio processing as well as somewhat attuned hearing. The module has heaped knowledge onto that cornerstone, opening up new avenues to explore and new industries that I could potentially work within.
My transferable skills from software like Reaper and Sony Vegas have not only helped to ease the learning curve of Adobe software, but already following music industry giants on YouTube (eg. Pensado’s Place) while adding other streams from Spotify (eg. Ted Talks Daily, The Filmmakers Podcast) have given me a grounding in the subject that I feel is important for getting the most out of the course.

The seminars have really helped to expand the way I think about sound. From exploring physical space with a microphone, to imagining what images might be conjured by a sound track alone (‘Archie’, student film shown in seminar). While the former challenged my understanding of what an environment sounds like as well as how to capture them, the latter challenged a host of assumptions about how certain sounds can be used.

Deepening my understanding of sound qualities and complexities has already helped me to create layered sounds full of realism and/or drama by learning to identify what kinds of noise occur within a sound. An engine running for instance, may include lots of fast transients as well as deeper, slower tones from other components, whirring from still others and the low-mid sputter of an exhaust. Having identified the constituent parts of a sound has enabled me to create Foley effects that have surprised me in their realism and led me to consider a potential work future including a focus in Foley art. I intend therefore, to continue researching the subject area regularly and begin looking into where this work happens and how it connects to the wider industry.

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