Camera Movement


This seminar is focussed on creating shots to work with specific narrative ideas. Using the instructions on the hand out, create a single shot for each expression in small teams.



This was another exercise in which we are getting used to the industry pace of turning briefs into ideas and quickly into deliverable products. While camera work involves a set of skills that are very new to me, the rhythm of production is gradually becoming more comfortable with each task.

The first significant lesson for me was that the framing I imagined often proved practically or physically impossible. The fourth shot in the video, “What’s your secret?” was originally conceived as an orbital shot to reverse the angle, but during filming it was quickly decided that a simple pan would be more effective, which in turn became a cant owing to the focus settling on ‘the secret’ itself.

For “Am I being followed?” the stairs gave us an opportunity to film from a high angle in order to make the subject appear more vulnerable, while little looking room was given in order to increase suspense. The limited sight lines were used again for the “Urgent!” shot, which we combined with a Dutch tilt for still more tension and framed by zooming from a distance to make the background appear to be passing more quickly. This is not dissimilar to the style of filming in mock horror What We Do In The Shadows (2014).

This kind of repertoire or grammar building exercise is hugely beneficial as it affords us the opportunity to explore the practical application of theoretical techniques to narrative ideas. I hope for more directed sessions to expand on this but will also plan some time to build on this for myself.

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