Light & Colour


Using some the images from previous seminars, manipulate the colour and light in the image to see how the meaning might be affected.



Beginning with my first image pair, it’s clear that the second setting demanded more vibrant colours. The following pairs explore different methods for achieving a dusk setting, primarily based around supposed lighting from the moon in different conditions, but some attention was needed on colours, especially saturation to pull these effects off. Finally an almost discarded low exposure shot actually cleaned up well enough to be used in this fantasy inspired image.


Learning to use these elements builds on previous work with props and settings. While the primary objective of this particular exercise may be to motivate serious consideration of colour, light and setting choices in advance to get great shots, it has also illuminated the growing power of post-production manipulation to enhance, transform or completely ruin a frame. My depth of understanding regarding image layers and various colour settings has definitely grown from this opportunity to explore both Adobe Photoshop and GNU Image Manipulation Programs which I consider an invaluable skill set in itself but there is a clarity beginning to form in my mind around the elements needed for framing shots for future projects.

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