Carticulum Vitae

Dear recruiters and other interested creatives,

Thank you for taking the time to watch this brief, hopefully fun introduction to who I am.
As you can see, I am in the process of branching out from music to the wider creative industries through personal study and as a media production student at NTU, due to graduate with a BA (Hons) in 2022.
Currently I am open to project work, part time or summer placements or even the right apprenticeship as a multimedia content producer or part of a film making team.

The usual process of writing and sending out a curriculum vitae is incredibly dry for recruiters and candidates alike, so with the rise of the video application format, I decided to teach myself some basic animation. I hope Carticulum Vitae stands out positively and make no apology for the pun.

More about this piece…
My first cartoon (thanks for watching!) was made primarily using KRITA, which I can heartily recommend, with a variety of source images manipulated into usable assets with GIMP.
Though the credits suggest I edited the video, I actually ended up abandoning it in favour of KDENLIVE which proved a surprisingly powerful tool on Ubuntu Studio.
The voice over and Foley work was done in my home studio using REAPER, as was most of the music you hear.
Exordium (the chant) and Torquilstone (the video from Bloodstock Open Air) were written and performed with Hӕrken.
What Is Hip? Was written by Tower Of Power, performed and produced by me.
Bassist’s Lullaby (backing music for the poem) is an original piece performed on bass guitar with simple looping.
Blessing On A Bedroom (the poem) was of course, the ‘charming commission’ that hangs in a bedroom somewhere, making my writing feel appreciated.
This Doesn’t Make Any Snes was written for this video and produced by layering some stylised synth tones.

Appropriate credit should be given to: for most of my source images for the outdoor ambience recordings for making the Tyrell N6 (my current synth of choice) available for free for making the bass I played most of the music on. They don’t endorse me, I just love them.

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