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Apparently this is what it’s like to work with me (I may blush):

Catherine Adams

News on Stage


We were very lucky to have Ben on our team to carry out a variety of jobs which made the event possible. His role expanded as the project progressed and his wide-ranging skills became evident. He created and set up the WordPress blog site for the whole project, produced and edited audio-visual materials and served as our technical consultant. Ben acted professionally throughout, demonstrating excellent technical skills in web and video production. His impressive media experience and up-to-date knowledge of online and offline production was invaluable. He also contributed in terms of creative input to the overall presentation of the event. His commitment, support and enthusiasm for the project was second to none. He took on jobs willingly and could be relied on to submit work when it was needed, always communicating effectively with the Director and supporting other members of the team. He was always willing to try out new things and research problems as they arose, while alerting us to any limitations or potential hazards. Ben continues to support the project in a voluntary role and we are indebted to him.
I would happily recommend Ben for any similar role in the creative industries.

Ben did a fantastic job in producing a promotional video for our band, Wholesome Fish. He managed to film from several different angles (some of which involved contorting himself!) to add considerable variety to the video and very ably synced the footage to an existing audio track as the audio recorded on the night through the soundman’s desk wasn’t good enough quality. All in all, Ben came up with a relatively professional result given what he had to work with. We would most certainly recommend his services!

Mark Shotter

Wholesome Fish

Daniel Teitge

Rainbow Pantomime

Musical Director

Ben’s time he spent learning the musical score previous to rehearsal was an incredible help and the effort he did was very obvious.

Working part of a team was a pleasure for me as he helped other musicians within my orchestra without prompting.

His professionalism to myself and other members of the band was to a level I made examples too for other members I worked with.

Ben Cook’s musical skill, range of creative talent, friendliness, good rapport with kids and flexible teaching approaches make him an outstanding teacher. He is also a great performer and takes to the stage very naturally. Working alongside him in School of Rock and Pop was a pleasure and I wholeheartedly recommend him.

Juan Francisco Fonta Manzanera

School of Rock & Pop

Freelance Bassist & Tutor

Hannah Fieldhouse

Independent Music

Guitarist, Vocalist, Teacher

Ben is an highly trained music professional, always happy and approachable.

Highly recommend!